Save the date! July 13-17 Connect, Build Skills, Deepen our resistance.



No Pipelines Action Camp flyer

About the Site: This camp will be outdoors, on relatively flat, grassy terrain. Main workshop spaces will be in close proximity to the main parking area, under shade with some camp-chair seating. There is no running water at the site, but there are rustic toilets, designed to be ADA acessible. There will be limited solar-powered lighting, but otherwise no electric on site. Service dogs are welcome; otherwise we’re asking dog buddies to stay home. There are woods and creek surrounding the site, and there should be many fireflies after dark 🙂 Tent camping is available in the mowed field or in the woods, and some bed spaces are available by request a short drive offsite. We’d like to strive to make this camp as accessible as possible, given the constraints of the setting, so please let us know if you need more information or any other support to consider attending. ❤